NAME: Chris Anthony

Skiing background:
I have been skiing since I was 18 months old. I guess you could say at this point I'm addicted to the lifestyle of the sport. I have been skiing on almost every continent. Still have a few to go.

Other sponsors:
Salomon, Smith, Warren Miller

Reason for skiing:
I have stayed busy in the sport by creating Chris Anthony Adventures (I run camps in Italy, Alaska, Colorado, Chile),  Warren Miller Films and my Youth Initiative Project plus a few other industry related things.

Whats your favorite part about riding for Powderhorn:
I'm really excited to be working with some long time friends at POWDERHORN.

What are your future goals:
Presently, I continue to conquer new mountainous terrain while evolving his commitment to his Youth Initiative Project. Additionally, I am active writing, participating in film projects, and managing my adventure camps. I share my adventurous and outdoor lifestyle with the world by passing on innovative ideas as a heli-skiing guide, journalist, consultant, and motivational speaker through Chris Anthony Adventures.


Chris Anthony is a Colorado native and longtime Vail resident.  For a good portion of his life Chris competed at an international level and traveled as an athlete and on-screen personality with the Warren Miller Film Team.  Chris has filmed with the legendary action sports production company for 22 years and continues to do so currently.   His feats are displayed in the annual Warren Miller feature film as well as numerous television programs and documentaries such as “Warren Miller Global Adventures.”  Between film shoots and sponsor appearances Chris manages specialized ski programs under his company “Chris Anthony Adventures” in Alaska, Italy and Colorado.  Additionally, Chris co-hosts the “Camp of the Superstars” every August in Portillo, Chile.

Recently Chris founded his “Youth Initiative Project”.   The goal of the initiative is to seek out well-established, reputable and experienced youth or young adult oriented charitable organizations that have similar goals. These organizations must provide education, confidence and community building opportunities.  By creatingalliances between such organizations and his initiative, Chris hopes to expand the existing curriculum of these organizations by utilizing assets he has obtained throughout his career. Chris provides the charitable organizations with another marketing tool to positively accomplish their own missions, while reaching a greater number of youth.

In Detail
For the last 22 years, Chris Anthony has traveled as a member of the Warren Miller Film Team, freelanced for several publications, co-authored a guide book, been commissioned to write a screenplay, hosted and produced television programming, started a consulting and guide business, and given substantial time to a variety of charities.  In 1991 Chris was named a youth Ambassador for the State of Colorado.  As a youth Ambassador Chris was sent on a cultural exchange to the Prefecture of Yamagata, Japan.

Chris travels around the world with the Warren Miller film crew, which has taken him from Iran to Ecuador to China, with numerous stops in between.  The experiences have been amazing, and sometimes border on the unusual, especially for a civilian, and most definitely for a professional skier.  During his travels, Chris has spent time training with the U.S. Marine Corps at their training facility in Bridgeport, Nevada and has been shipped off with the U.S. Navy on the USS Nimitz as it was being deployed to the Persian Gulf. For the 2011 film “Like There Is No Tomorrow” Chris ties his adventures to the legacy of the legendary 10th Mountain Ski Troops of 1942 – 1946.

On snow since the age of one, Chris broke away from skiing long enough to reach the international ranks of the cycling world, receive a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado, study for a period of time at USC film school, and write two screenplays.  These accomplishments opened many exciting doors for Chris.  In 1994 he found himself training and serving as motivator to three-time Tour De France Champion Greg Lemond. He also had the opportunity to work with producer/director and actor Michael Douglas.  Chris interned with Mr. Douglas and his partner Steven Reuther as they laid the groundwork for Douglas/Reuther Productions, a major film production company at Paramount Studios.

In 1997 Chris was appointed to the Colorado Speakers Bureau.  In October of 1998 Chris was hired to design, direct and select athletes for the first nationally syndicated speedcross race aired on CBS.  The inaugural event took place successfully in Mammoth, California on January 9th 1999.

This season Chris will continue to work with Warren Miller Entertainment, promoting and serving as emcee for the 61 annual film as well as appearing in various documentaries, television and instructional DVDs.

Additionally, Chris will continue his roll for a ninth year as a spokesperson for the “5th Grade Passport Program”, a product of Colorado Ski Country.  His obligations for the program include visiting schools and speaking to youth about setting goals and achieving their dreams through an adventure oriented, multi-media presentation.  Recently Chris utilized these school visits to assist another local nonprofit, SOS OUTREACH, which is focused on building character in youth through adventure sports.  This year Chris will also team up with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Denver and numerous other youth oriented programs.

Presently, Chris continues to conquer new mountainous terrain while evolving his commitment to his Youth Initiative Project.  Additionally, Chris is active writing, participating in film projects, and managing his adventure camps. Chris shares his adventurous and outdoor lifestyle with the world by passing on innovative ideas as a heli-skiing guide, journalist, consultant, and motivational speaker through Chris Anthony Adventures.